Albatrossi Productions

It was year 2007, I remember it clearly. We were having a lanparty with my two mates, M|nister and Chop. Around 4AM me and M|nister got a great idea; Lets make music.

So, we down...uhm bought FL Studio 7 and after an hour, we had put some shit together and epic win was born. It was Sepe Susi and the Lunatic Discopolice. Actually, there was a good idea behind the song, (dunno if I should call it music or random noise :D) to mess around with the speech synthesizer as much as possible. We actually got it totally fucked up when it tried to pronounce Sepe Susi. It became an instand legend amongs our friends, and that sir, is the birth of Albatrossi Productions.

Well, whats with the birds?

Actually, it has nothing to do with birds (altough, every time we go swimming and see a seagull or something flying, we salute it) but we had to come up with something and Albatrossi Productions sounded kinda cool and very official, don't you think?

After that was decided we started to pile up all of our random projects and publish them under this name. At the moment, we have published a couple of songs (two of them are on, a couple of movies and we even have our own list of Real Life Achievements. So, we do a lot of different kinds of stuff.

But seriously, who the hell are you?

We've got (I've got, I'm the only one who actually takes care of the promoting kinda.) a load of emails and private messages on IRC, by people who are asking "who are you guys?". So here comes a short infopacket about us.


Marko Also goes by the name Marko or Tatjana (his WoW character@Deathwing, imba gear, check it out!)

At the first look, Marko might seem calm and nice, but deep inside his mind, lives a thirsty killer. A bloodthirsty killer, who isn't afraid to slaughter anyone in any game. He's kinda pro in these following games:
SC (European level of course, Korean level is just madness)
Trackmania (any of them)
Soul Caliburs (which is unfortunate for me).
I've also heard rumors that he's kinda good at DotA.
Marko is cool and he has got a whole bunch of cool ideas (for example games), too bad that we ain't that pro at coding. Maybe some day we will be.


Santtu This man is a mystery to almost everyone, a few know anything about him, the most doesn't know him at all. //edit, I've found a picture of Santtu. An image that describes him and his twisted fetish for fish soup perfectly. He has a secret stash under his floor with hundreds of liters of soup, that's a fact.

He's kinda our personal tech-support, can't remember how many times he has helped me with computing stuffs (he even built this imba PC for me) and he's the first person I go crying to when my intarwebs doesn't work properly. Santtu is kinda cool too, his hair reminds me of Jesus with the same holy power. If possible, Santtu is even better than Marko at games, he's a HC-gamer without the WoW addiction. Sadly, other than tech-support and lanparties, Chop doesn't participate in our activities. It'd be nice to have him in our team officially.


Sami The man with many names. An enigma, truly. Is he clinically insane? Perhaps. Does his art have impact? Doubtfully.

Despite his semi-permanent madness, it is known with reasonable certainty that he will continue to create a vast variety of top notch garbage with both vim and vigour.

He is also known under the following aliases:

These are just the known ones, there is still a lot yet uncovered. Beware.